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An organic garden with
a long circular walk in North West Devon

Bocombe Mill Cottage, Bocombe,
Near Clovelly, Devon
EX39 5PH

01237 451293

Chris Butler & David Burrows

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What they've said about Bocombe Mill Cottage...

Last week’s private visit from the Ewell Horticultural Association, Surrey was our biggest this year – a large coach party!

On departing one gentleman asked "Are you Buddhists?" (we now have a statue of Buddha on our entrance steps). "No" David replied. "Well, do you believe in a reincarnation?" the chap continued. "No" replied David. The chap retorted "Then how did you create this amazing garden in one lifetime?."

Ewell Horticultural Association June 2019

"Members of the Dunheved Floral and Garden Group had a private visit to this garden which opens on behalf of the National Garden Scheme charities a few times a year. It is a delightful garden with ponds, bog gardens and a stream through a wooded areas, and unusual species of trees.

"A Guided Tour took the group through a Kitchen Garden and themed gardens where magnolias and camellias were in flower. The natural, partly wild section is a haven for wildlife - goats graze on the hillside and the blossoms in the orchard are beginning to come to life. The walk is hilly in places and took about an hour."

The Cornish & Devon Post, April 2018

"Dear Chris & David

Just wanted to thank you both on behalf of my fellow “Garden Groupees” for the excellent garden visit today. Everyone was very pleased with your unusual garden, the tour and especially the hard landscaping and huge range of plants you have.

"It is good to meet with people who love their garden and can explain how and why they have done particular features. We always pick up new ideas. We enjoyed ourselves very much and I got brownie points for organising the afternoon!"

Jenny Jones and the Genus Club

"The garden, which has a mile long circular trail, is completely organic. They've been opening for the NGS for five years and are introducing teas and homemade cakes this year. Also new is their pergola covered with white rambling roses, clematis and other white climbers."
Western Morning News 2010

".. how could you resist visiting a garden that has directions including the line, 'drive through Fairy Cross.".
"Further on the garden is wilder and dotted with interesting trees - swamp cypress, aspen, horse chestnut, Douglas fir, Serbian spruce, Algerian oak and Cercidiphyllum japonicum,..."

Richard Shimell, editor, Devon Country Gardener, April 2007

"Dominating the valley is a magnificent monster eucalyptus from Australia with gorgeous silver peeling bark and glistening leaves. It was planted as a little 'un when David and Chris moved in. Other trees that sway in the breeze include the crinkly-leaved copper beech, Fagus sylcatica Rohanii; the tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera; the monkey puzzle, Araucaria araucana; the black mulberry, Morus nigra King James I; thuja; ginkgo; poplar; sweet chestnut; three dawn redwoods from seed... and many more."
Graham Andrews, North Devon Journal

"5 acres of gardens & wild meadow in a small wooded valley, a wildlife haven. Many flower gardens, 3 newly developed. Streams, bog gardens and small lakes. Kitchen garden. Orchard. Soft fruit garden. Shrubbery. All grown organically. Goats on hillside. Plan & tree guide. Circular walk of just under a mile - an adventure! Boots or wellies needed on Circular Walk."
The National Gardens Scheme Year Book 2008

Location Opening times The gardens Circular walk
Photo diary Garden history Local places of interest Blog flower Press