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Chris Butler & David Burrows

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Blog Entries for 8/2019
Looking Good 26 August 2019posted: 26/8/2019 at 07:02:17
We’re glad we can offer folk the chance to visit our large and varied garden via the National Garden Scheme (NGS).
The new inhabitants of a local, Victorian mansion visited recently. Following a two hour tour and long chats they went away with inspiration for their own large garden. Trouble is, the different generations had different ideas for their future garden, and in fact, husband and wife went away with separate designs in their minds, one for a long corridor garden, the other for garden rooms separated by planting!
Whatever the outcome, we’re glad we could promote thought and inspiration for a new garden venture!
If you want to inspire a group of friends or relations book in for a garden tour to benefit the charities that the NGS supports. Groups of 10 to 50 can book in right now for dates between the start of April 2020 and the end of June 2020.

Looking Good 19 August 2019 posted: 20/8/2019 at 07:09:23
We’ve had friends guessing that a new late summer treasure is a salvia, but it’s Strobilanthes atropurpurea. From Northern India, this is a handsome and unusual plant.

A sturdy dome of stems carries salvia-like leaves, then from July until October white buds inflate into masses of spectacular deep violet rams horn-like flowers. Another plant we recommend from Lewis Cottage.

Looking Good 12 August 2018posted: 12/8/2019 at 20:33:40
Our grass is growing at an alarming rate right now! The ample rainfall and reasonable temperatures have at last given the grass a spurt.
We mow an acre around our three ponds in the bottom meadow, along with various cutting techniques for the grassed areas in our Yellow & Blue Garden and Hot Garden, plus the grass paths in part of the Kitchen Garden. On the rougher side, there’s areas alongside paths and streams in the Wild Meadow and our Orchard that are also sporadically trimmed.
We’ve never had “brown grass” from lack of moisture in the whole of the 22 years we’ve gardened at Bocombe. The high rainfall and humidity of North Devon see to that, along with our garden being mainly in a valley bottom to which the water drains….

Looking Good 7 August 2019posted: 6/8/2019 at 19:50:19
A smashing potato harvest this year!
Often in the past wet summers have led to potato blight setting in, ending the growth of our potato crop. Growing potatoes in the moisture laden air next to the Atlantic Ocean and being in the still air of a valley bottom don’t help!
This year’s good weather has meant that we’re only just starting our second early crop, Charlotte, as the first earlies, Foremost, were such a good harvest.
I’ve dug an exploratory half row of our main crop, Maris Piper, and the results look terrific. The top growth is only now going over so it’s time to dig out the rest!

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