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Chris Butler & David Burrows

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Blog Entries for 6/2019
Looking Good 24 June 2019posted: 25/6/2019 at 15:13:29
Last week’s private visit from the Ewell Horticultural Association was our biggest this year – a large coach party!
On departing one gentleman asked "Are you Buddhists?" (we now have a statue of Buddha on our entrance steps). "No" David replied. "Well, do you believe in a reincarnation?" the chap continued. "No" replied David. The chap retorted "Then how did you create this amazing garden in one lifetime?.

Looking Good 17 June 2019posted: 19/6/2019 at 07:05:32
Now’s the time to see Roses in our garden. And not a modern rose in sight… Some have been a tad late this year, but they’re all bursting their buds right now… Just the right time for us to welcome a coach party from the Ewell Horticultural Society!
The Paradise Lily (Paradisea lusitanica) is again putting on a fantastic show in the Obelisk Bog Garden and the Day Lily Bed. It’s tall, slender stalks hold up the ascending array of white, starry flowers. Looks good close to, and an eye catcher from a distance!

Looking Good 10 June 2019posted: 11/6/2019 at 06:55:19
Our goat manure provides one of the best forms of organic fertiliser available. But containing plastic pollution? In my garden?
That’s right. Not looking so good as one thought!
Along with the goat bedding (straw) and droppings goes our hen bedding and droppings. We recycle shredded paper (from the office of a friend) for our hen house, rather than using wood sawdust bought from the Agricultural Merchants.
This last year our garden soil has been giving up shredded plastic. It appears that much of the shredded paper from our friend’s business now contains paper incorporating plastic. Much of it clear plastic – at least it’s clear when it’s been through our composting process for a year. We now find we’re weeding out plastic shreds from our garden….
Where will it end?

Looking Good 3 June 2019posted: 4/6/2019 at 08:21:31
Rain at last. We’ve had a little this spring – probably a lot compared with the South East, but last night it poured all night. Just 6 hours earlier than last evening's forecast, but then what do you expect from millions of pounds of weather forecasting computers?
The small amount of rain this spring has meant that I’ve only had to mow our 1 acre of meadow four times this year. And everything I’ve planted in the ground has had to be watered day after day - just to keep it alive…

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